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Wild Environmental Science Forensic Science Lab Kit

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Solve cases with real forensic science! Children aged 8+ will use chromatography to extract evidence from DNA. Use special indicators to spot dangerous acids and alkalis! Learn how to develop, lift and match fingerprints. Trap thieves with glow-in-the-dark inks and collect suspect shoeprints and compare them to the crime scene footprint cast! Next, reveal secret messages and use cloth fiber analysis to find out who drove the getaway car. As children experiment, they will learn real science and history behind DNA analysis! This crime scene kit includes safe, high-quality ingredients and a full-color education and instruction booklet. Adult supervision is recommended.

Includes: Water based marker pens, universal indicator paper, cornstarch, Plaster of Paris, cylinder, chromatography paper, beaker, UV flashlight and invisible ink markers, stirring sticks, spoon, crime scene tape, fingerprint slides, footprint mold wall, tracing paper, scoops, pipette, cotton balls ad buds, magnifier, plain sticky labels, tweezers, ink pad, sticky tape, sample tubes, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, pencil and instructional booklet. Some household items are required: paper, plate, scissors, old shoes and sweaters, a mirror/shiny surface and a glass.

  • Develop your child’s logical, problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Create new criminal stories again and again!
  • Kid-friendly, full-color instruction booklets. Each step in the booklet comes with an illustration to show exactly what needs to be done!