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Scotch™ Blue Flex & Seal Shipping Roll

15 in x 10 ftUPC: 0063806027663
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Blue Scotch Flex & Seal Shipping Roll is a simple packing solution that eliminates unneeded steps, supplies and space. The unique three-layer construction provides a durable outer layer that is water-resistant and tear-resistant, cushioning and sticks to itself. Cut off the exact amount of material you need to perfectly fit your item, making it an efficient alternative to cardboard boxes, poly mailers, shipping bags and padded envelopes. The integrated bubble layer reduces your fuss with fillers like cushion wrap, shrink wrap, packaging paper or packing peanuts. No boxes, fillers or tape needed because Flex & Seal conforms to the shape of your item.

  • SAVES ON TIME, SUPPLIES & SPACE – Using boxes and bubble mailers for shipping means you need multiple sizes, which requires a lot of storage space; There is also a lot of time spent when getting an item ready for shipment using boxes, so many steps
  • SECURES YOUR PACKAGES – Has a unique three-layer construction making it a durable, water-resistant and cushioned packaging solution; It sticks securely to itself but not your item, just press firmly for a guaranteed
  • IMMOBILIZES TO HELP PROTECT - Conforms to the shape of your item, thus immobilizing your item to protect during shipping
  • MAY REDUCE DIMENSIONAL WEIGHT – Because Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll securely seals around the shape of your item, it may help to reduce dimensional weight by helping to eliminate unnecessary supplies
  • FEWER PACKAGING SUPPLIES – A versatile shipping solution that allows you to customize your parcel to fit precisely around the shape of your item
  • VERSATILE USES – Perfect for items such as books, games, clothes, crafts and more; This product is recyclable
  • GREAT FOR SMALL BUSINESSES – Reduce your supplies and packaging time by using the shipping solution that does the job of boxes, filler & tape all by itself