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Healthy 'N Fit 100 Percent Egg Protein - Strawberry Passion - 12 oz

Case of 1 - 12 OZ eachUPC: 0079975000120
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Our product contains 100% egg white proteins and peptide bond amino acids, as well as the natural enzymes papain and bromelain. Our product is free from artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors and preservatives. The chickens our eggs come from are not given hormones (in compliance with usda regulations for all eggs). This product contains no added sugars, sugar alcohols, fats, salt, milk protein, gums, fillers, gluten or wheat ingredients. All the amino acids in this product are natural. Egg protein is considered a nearly perfect source of protein because its amino acid profile most closely matches that needed by the human body. Therefore, egg protein has been given a rating of 100 in the chemical score. Below is a comparison of the chemical score of some other proteins. Healthy 'n fit 100% egg protein - 100%(highest)
milk and egg protein (with 10% egg) - 66%
soy protein - 47%
fish protein - 70%
meat protein - 69%
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