Good for You and the Planet

Superior Fresh, located in Hixton, WI, is raising the bar on nutrition, flavor, and sustainability. Taking a holistic approach to their indoor aquaponic farm—the largest in the world—enables them to grow USDA certified organic produce and raise Atlantic salmon year-round. Next time you fill your cart, be sure to look for Superior Fresh organic salads in our Produce Department and salmon products in our Seafood Department (at the meat service counter and in frozen).

Grown and Raised in the USA

No hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides. All the good stuff you want: Organic diet, best aquaculture practices certified, certified non-GMO (salmon), American Heart Association Heart-Check Certified (salmon) best choice by Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, 30x more production/sq. ft. on 1/20th the amount of water, 99.9% water recirculation, 800-acre regenerative restoration project, and a whole lot more!

Make a Super Supper with Superior Fresh