Working Hard and Having Fun

First jobs … deeply rooted careers … and even chances for family members to work together … Roundy’s believes in giving our associates opportunities to grow and develop their skills and have fun while doing it!


District Manager, Roundy’s District 1
42 Years of Service - Started October 1980 as a Utility Clerk

“I started as a 16-year-old and was given a lot of opportunities to do different things and to grow. I started as a utility clerk; we did clean ups, sorted soda bottles when we used to have glass bottles in stores, brought in grocery carts, bagged, cleaned up the store. My comfort zone is being in a grocery store, that’s where I like to be. I hope I gave back to this company as much as I’ve gotten. I love the people; I’ve had a lot of great mentors. I am hopeful I’ve left something behind when my career is over.”

The Brown Family

Sandy, Wife
Drug/GM Lead, Pick ‘n Save Waupaca
Started in 1985 in the Deli

Jim, Husband
Retired Meat Cutter, Pick ‘n Save Waupaca
Worked for the company from 1995 to 2009 in the Meat department

Sara, Daughter
Floral Manager, Pick ‘n Save Waupaca
Started in 2001 in Customer Service

Matthew, Son
Store Director, Pick ‘n Save McFarland
Started in 2004 on the Front-End

Sandy and Jim became Roundy’s sweethearts when their paths crossed working for the company. After about five years Sandy and Jim got married in 2003, which also marked the opening of Pick ‘n Save Waupaca where they worked. Their children Matthew and Sara followed in their footsteps working for Roundy’s at the same store location and growing their careers with the company. Watch their Roundy’s story in the video above!


Drug/GM Lead, Pick ‘n Save Brookfield
40 Years of Service – Started in 1982 at the Courtesy Counter

“I worked what they called the ‘courtesy counter’. We had glass bottle returns because soda didn’t come in plastic containers, back then all your soda came in glass bottles. I’d do all the returns and credit slips and make hand written signs because we didn’t have computers. I worked the video department and then I went to GM and have been in GM since. This is my favorite store I’ve been at – 16 years since it was built. There’s just a few of us left who started at this store when it opened. This is a great company; they have good benefits and they work around your schedule.”


Store Director, Pick ‘n Save Oconomowoc
9 years of service - Started May 2013 with Smith’s Kroger division then transferred to Roundy’s in August 2019

“It was never my intended career path, but I like the company. I like the fast-paced environment, daily problem-solving, and the benefits. When we brought Lizzie on when she was 15, I was the Operations ASM at Coldspring. It was four to five months we were at the same store. It was an interesting challenge because I was her mom, boss, and teacher because school was online. She’s got a mentor built-in at home.”


Frozen Lead, Pick ‘n Save Brookfield
3 years of service with Roundy’s - Started December 2019

“It’s easy access to get information that I need. I’ve learned a lot from my mom asking her questions about things I need help with. She’s given me over half of my knowledge with Kroger. My old store director has given me a lot of advice coming into this store and becoming a sub-department head.”


Store Director, Pick ‘n Save Wisconsin Rapids
4 years of service - Started in February 2018 as a Store Director

“I love the day-to-day, the challenges, the people you get to be involved with and mentor and build that teamwork. I thought the core values of the company perfectly aligned with [Jacob’s]. I don’t know if I actively recruited him, but I told him how much I loved the company. We talk constantly and bounce ideas off each other and problems and solutions.”


Center Store Specialist, Roundy's
4 years of service - Started in June 2018 as a Produce Lead in Waukesha

“I started about six months after Jason started. After hearing about how great the company was and the opportunities he shared with me, it seemed like a great steppingstone to where I wanted to get in my career. It’s a rewarding job connecting with the customers, being able to serve our community, and being able to help people grow. Learning every aspect of the store sets you up for success being an Assistant Store Manager and beyond.”


Seafood Specialist, Metro Market Coldspring
28 years of service with Roundy’s - Started November 1993, at the Pick ‘n Save Bay View location

“I loved it from day one. Starting at the Bay View store, I was doing the processed lunch meat, then I transferred over to Coldspring in 2000. I had a corporate gentleman come up to me and said, ‘I have a home for you’ and he presented me with Coldspring and the custom case. We have a lot of regulars, and we look for them. The customer deserves the best, during holiday time I will specially walk them to pick out their ham, I plan their dinners for them, and I cook samples.”

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