How to Make Easter Lily Centerpieces

Close up of a bouquet of white Easter lilies


Spring has (finally) sprung and you’ll likely want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Even when you’re indoors, you can stay mindful of nature’s bounty and beauty by arranging vibrant floral bouquets and bringing them inside.

While any gorgeous and lovely bloom will do, Easter lilies demand center stage when the weather starts to warm. Their white trumpet-shaped flowers are a time-honored symbol of beauty, hope and life during the Easter season, and they bring understated elegance to any table decor.

For an especially creative centerpiece, first arrange a bouquet of Easter lilies in a straight-sided glass bowl or vase. Have a dozen or so decorated hard-cooked eggs on hand and gently pack them around the lily stems to fill the vase and support the flowers. If the vase is especially deep, gently place the eggs in first and then fit the flower stems in amongst the eggs.

Should you be entertaining guests, put this arrangement together just before they arrive as the flowers will wilt sooner rather than later without water in the vase.